Aloe Vera Leaf Broken (What to do?, How to Prevent?)

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Growing Aloe Vera is very rewarding, you can use the leaves for healing purposes as well as for self-care. Aloe Vera is succulent, therefore it’s easy to take care of it. Aloe vera is a favorite house plant for a lot of people.

While taking care of aloe vera is not challenging, many people face broken aloe leaves. In this article, we will discuss what happens when you break an aloe vera leaf and what to do to fix the problem.

How to Prevent Aloe Vera Leaves from Breaking

The most common reason is overwatering.

As we already mentioned, aloe vera is succulent which means that the plant absorbs and keeps the water in the leaves.

Overwatering aloe vera causes the saturation of leaves and branches. As a result of that leaves get soft, weak and they break off. Even though this process is heartbreaking, don’t worry, broken leaves do not mean an end to the life of aloe vera.

Just follow our instructions and your plant will be healthier very soon.

When the aloe vera leaf breaks off, simply cut off the leaf.

You have two options when there is a broken leaf:

  1. Cutting off the whole leaf
  2. Let the leaf heal and if the broken part is damaged, cut off only the damaged part.

Various plant owners have tried both options and have had successful outcomes. We would like to recommend you the first option – cutting off the leaf. There are a lot of reasons why this is the best option for your plant.

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By cutting off the leaf, you will allow your aloe vera to grow new leaves while healing the damaged leaf can be stressful for the plant.

Also, if the reason behind the broken leaf is the plant’s poor condition, then by not cutting the damaged leaf, you will endanger your plant.

Keep in mind that by cutting the broken leaf, you are not hurting the plant or violating its wholesomeness. You can give the broken leaf a new life and we think, that’s the best you can do for your aloe vera.

You can find out how to bring aloe vera back to life and replant broken leaves in this article.

Aloe Vera Leaves

Do Aloe Vera Leaves Grow Back?

The cut-off leaves will not grow back. The leaves that were cut off cannot regenerate, but that does not mean that plant is in a bad condition. Instead of old leaves, the plant will be able to grow new ones.

The new aloe vera leaves will replace the old ones and the plant will continue growing. If you are cutting off the aloe vera leaves on purpose, make sure to cut it in the base.

Cutting only the part of aloe vera leaf is not good for the plant. As a result of that aloe vera might not be able to grow new leaves.

If you break a leaf by accident or if the leaves fall due to the plant’s ill condition, cut the whole leaves, do not leave the part of it. By cutting the damaged and broken leaves, you will help the plant to grow and get back to a healthier condition.

Aloe Vera in pot

How Long Does It Take for Aloe Vera Leaves to Grow Back?

As we mentioned, cut-off leaves do not regenerate and grow back, but aloe vera can grow new leaves and replace old ones in this manner. The time period for growing the leaves is different from plant to plant and depends on the size and living environment of aloe vera. Usually, an aloe vera leaf grows in 3 to 5 months.

Keep in mind that this process can take shorter or longer for your plant. If you recently cut off a leaf, then the new leaf will grow faster. This and other external factors highly affect the growth speed of aloe vera.

If you want the leaves to grow faster, you should create a good living condition for the plant. Aloe vera prefers living in a partially sunny and warm environment, high-quality soil, and regular watering.

If your aloe vera is damaged, regrowth will be challenging and you will have to be patient.

During this time it is especially crucial to create a nice environment for the plant. You can find out about aloe vera’s preferred living conditions down below.

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Can You Replant a Broken Aloe Leaf?

Replanting a broken aloe leaf is very rewarding for any plant-enthusiast. Just be aware, that growing aloe vera from a leaf can be a long shot and you might not be successful.

Growing a whole aloe plant from just a leaf is a challenge, because the leaf may not form the roots. But we will give you the best recommendations to make sure your aloe leaf gets a new life.

First of all, you have to prepare the plant. As a succulent, aloe vera has very moist leaves and if you plant it right away, the leaf will rot.

We advise you to wait until the cut edge of the aloe vera dries and gets “skin” on top. This way, you will avoid rotting as well as protect the plant from infection.

This process can take up to several days, but please be patient, so the leaf will get the maximum chance of survival.

After this, you can plant the leaf. Put the damaged or cut-off part of the leaf in the soil. For the best results, at least one-third of the leaf should be in the soil.

Can You Bring an Aloe Plant Back to Life?

Yes, you can bring damaged aloe plants back to life. If your aloe vera is in a bad condition due to broken leaves, make sure to expose the plant to more sunlight.

We recommend you locate your aloe plant in a space where the plant can get 4-6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Also, cut off the broken leaves and allow the aloe plant to focus on healing and growth.

Make sure that you cut the broken leaves in the base. Partially cut leaves do not regrow and weaken the whole plant. Keep in mind that there are various reasons for dying aloe plant and you have to approach each case individually.

Should I cut bent aloe leaves?

You can not fix bent aloe vera leaves, so the best option is to cut them off.

You can use the cut leaves for healing or propagate them. But most importantly, cut them off in the base.

As we discussed when the aloe plant has damaged leaves the plant is trying to heal the “wound” and does not get the chance to grow and thrive. Bent leaves will only weaken the plant, by cutting them off you will save your plant

Should I remove damaged leaves?

If the aloe plant leaves are breaking or have changed color (yellow or brown) it means that the plant is damaged. When aloe vera is damaged you should immediately cut the dying leaves.

It is important to cut the whole leaves not just part of them. Only if the tip of the leaf is damaged, you can cut off that part. But if the damage is significant, it is better to cut the leaf in the base.

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