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This Beautiful Hydrangea Hybrid Was Named Irish Lace in a Naming Contest
Hillary T
This Beautiful Hydrangea Hybrid Was Named Irish Lace in a Naming Contest

We ran a Hydrangea Naming Contest. Read about Irish Lace's cold hardiness and how it got its name.

This rare, new hybrid was well received at a recent plant market and we placed 4 more in new homes - meaning we sold all we could fit in the cargo van, carefully crammed in with other plants for our booth.

This beauty is a hybrid between two hydrangea species and is so exotic looking that the reoccurring question was, "is it cold hardy?"

One parent, 'Lady in Red', is believed to be one of the hardiest macrophyllas by several Hydrangea experts we’ve been learning from.

The other parent, H. angustipetala, is likewise known to be a cold-hardy hydrangea species.

So (to my way of thinking) one cold hardy species + another cold hardy species = a cold hardy hybrid.

I double checked with the breeder and he says the hybrid is hardy in 6a. 

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Read her plant profile here: 

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lady in Red' x Hydrangea angustipetala

Clearly, the name is too much of a mouthful. It's cumbersome for my husband and I to communicate. Honey, will you go get a Hydrangea mmmmm Lady in Red TIMES Hydrangea angustipmmmmm.

To solve that cumbersome problem, we ran a naming contest (with the permission of the breeder, of course). Out of a list of 48 names, Mike Dirr chose Irish Lace™.

You'll see a few of the names below and on our Facebook page, but most of them were submitted as a "reply to" our email about the contest.

Thank you everyone for making this so much fun for us. Seriously, every reply was a thrill for us. We loved hearing from you.

Special thanks to Joan Harrison for Irish Lace - a beautiful name and tribute to her best friend, a lover of green Ireland. Joan won a $29 gift certificate for the plant of her choice. Yes, indeed, she chose 'Irish Lace'!


Happy 'Irish Lace' Gardening,

Hillary & Mike


Joan Harrison
Naming a plant…what fun! I would call this one ‘Irish Lace’. Lace is usually white but this lace(cap) is doing that Irish thing, the wearing o’ the green.

Hydrangea Moonlight Twinkle, or…

Moonlight Sonata, Moonlight Sparkle

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