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ABOUT HYDRANGEAS — mountain hydrangea

Why is my Hydrangea Wilting - Is it Dying?

Hillary T 2 Comments
It's a roller coaster ride. Leaves are perky at night; wilting during the day. Hydrangea stomata don't cooperate. We explain what stomata are and the steps to take to help your hydrangeas thrive.
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What is a Mophead Hydrangea Flower?

Hillary T
The mophead types are, literally, the Garden Variety Hydrangea types. They were selected by people to grow in their gardens because they are bigger than the wild lacecap types and therefore more bodacious. Learn about their showy sepals here.
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What is a Lacecap Hydrangea Flower?

Hillary T
Lacecaps are the wild hydrangeas set up by nature to have two kinds of florets in the lacy flower heads. The showy outer florets ring the edge of the head. Their job is to attract pollinating insects to the less-showy inner fertile florets. It's the job of the fertile flowers to make fruit/seeds and reproduce so the species lives on.
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Top 6 Hydrangea Species for Gardens

Mariana DiVita 2 Comments
We've asked Mariana DiVita to explain the differences between types of hydrangeas. Experts say there are 25 to 80 different species of hydrangeas, but for the average gardener 6 are the most popular. Each species has different cultural requirements - no matter your garden or garden style there is a hydrangea for you!
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Hydrangea serrata, Commonly Called Mountain Hydrangea

Hillary T
Hydrangea serrata (mountain hydrangea) is very similar to Hydrangea macrophylla. So much so that some botanists think it's a variety of macrophylla. Because of a few qualities that strongly distinguish it from macrophylla, we treat them as a distinct species. We'll delve into those different qualities here.
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Hydrangea Color and pH

Hillary T 1 Comment
Did you know that our beauty queen hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla, combats aluminum toxicity with its flowers? It’s well known that pH influences flower color on bigleaf hydrangeas, but how this happens is even more interesting than pH alone. Here’s the science behind the flower color.
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Why is My Hydrangea Not Blooming?

Mariana DiVita 6 Comments
For this question about Hydrangea macrophylla (commonly called bigleaf or French hydrangea), we've asked Mariana DiVita to help us understand the flowering whims of this hydrangea species. Mariana is a Master Gardener from Cherokee County, Georgia.
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How to Deadhead Hydrangeas: Bigleaf Hydrangea and Panicle Hydrangea

Hillary T
Deadheading bigleaf hydrangea flowers is easy and I find it relaxing as can be. Here's a video that shows you how to do it.
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