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ABOUT HYDRANGEAS — panicle hydrangea

What is a Panicle Hydrangea Flower?

Hillary T
Panicle describes the cone-shaped flowers of two hydrangea species. Botanical  terminology uses the word panicle to describes the complicated structure of these hydrangea flower heads - the cones of flowers we love in our midsummer gardens. We'll tell you more about that and explain what helps them antique their best shades of rose.
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Top 6 Hydrangea Species for Gardens

Mariana DiVita 2 Comments
We've asked Mariana DiVita to explain the differences between types of hydrangeas. Experts say there are 25 to 80 different species of hydrangeas, but for the average gardener 6 are the most popular. Each species has different cultural requirements - no matter your garden or garden style there is a hydrangea for you!
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Panicle Hydrangea, What Fancy People Call Hydrangea paniculata

Mariana DiVita 1 Comment
It's the heat of summer and while those spring hydrangeas are a distant memory, there's a hydrangea that will be the show stopper for your summer garden. It's Hydrangea paniculata (panicle hydrangea) with its midsummer extravaganza of blooms. Read how we recommend you take care of it.
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Do I Have to Prune My Hydrangeas?

Hillary T 2 Comments
Dear hydrangea pilgrim, you're freed! You don't have to prune your hydrangea. There are a few circumstances when you'd want to ask yourself, "is it necessary to prune my hydrangea? We'll discuss them right now.
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How to Deadhead Hydrangeas: Bigleaf Hydrangea and Panicle Hydrangea

Hillary T
Deadheading bigleaf hydrangea flowers is easy and I find it relaxing as can be. Here's a video that shows you how to do it.
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