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How to Install Tree Diapers
Hillary T
How to Install Tree Diapers

How-to Install:

  • Submerge Tree Diapers in a bucket for several hours to charge them with water. You'll know they're charged when they get plump. Gently squeeze to distribute the water-holding material evenly around the doughnut.
  • Rake back mulch and situate Tree Diaper around the plant.
  • Gently press down to make good contact with the soil.
  • Cover with mulch, making sure the mulch doesn't touch the trunk(s).
  • If they flatten a little before it rains again every week, let rainwater recharge them. If they flatten in a true drought, recharge them by slowly pouring water on them or submerging them in a bucket of water again.
  • Check every week, then every two weeks, etc., until you're satisfied you can "let go" and not micro-manage. Longevity will depend on your soil type and climate. 


Where can I purchase Tree Diapers? We have them on our website over here. If our supporting and real-world experience using Tree Diapers is helpful to you, please consider ordering from us.

How long will these last when charged with water? It depends on your climate, so check regularly until it seems safe. For us, it's at least 2-4 weeks, depending on time of year.

How often do I have to charge them? We charged ours the first time by submerging in a bucket, then we let rainfall recharge them. For us, half an inch is all it takes to recharge them. So, if it rains half an inch every couple of weeks, you won't have to do anything! You can also recharge them with a sprinkler or big watering can.

Are there other sizes? Yes, there are many other sizes. We carry the 20" diameter size because it's the most versatile for the 1-gallon plants we carry and for other 3-gallon-sized shrubs you might be purchasing locally.

What is the open of the hole in the 20" diameter Tree Diaper? It's a 4" diameter opening, great for multi-stemmed trees and shrubs.

My Tree Diaper is still flat; it didn't fill with water when I put it around the plant. What's wrong? To confirm, you submerged it in a bucket of water until plump? This is the best method for us to get them filled - because we lack patience. So, go ahead and submerge it in water and get it fully charged before you place it around a plant. We did test it in one of those rain storms that dumped 5" of water on us in an hour and that did fully charge the Tree Diaper. However, it does not seem to charge for us when it rains under half an inch (yet, it does recharge when it rains at least half and inch).

Where are these made? They are made in America by a woman-owned, small business.

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