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This Seductive Pink Magnolia Was Named Riveting Rosie in a Naming Contest
Hillary T
This Seductive Pink Magnolia Was Named Riveting Rosie in a Naming Contest

We need help naming a plant again.

Not just any plant - a gorgeous new hybrid Magnolia with the cumbersome name of Magnolia sieboldii 'Colossus' x Magnolia insignis. (Now Magnolia Riveting Rosie™.)

I was tempted to name it Magnolia 'Seductive Pink' because that's how we refer to it in the nursery. I'll jut my thumb over my shoulder and say something to Mike in nursery-speak like, "that seductive pink magnolia back there is really growing great and rooting in well; the tops are almost finished."

Then I remembered we had a fun naming contest and now have Hydrangea Irish Lace happily monikered up. Let's do it again!

Naming is not my thing. I find it adorable when people name everything from their cars to a nice piece of wood with a live edge (yes, we sold a slab of southern red oak to a friend and she named it on the spot).

I accomplished all the naming for my lifetime when I named my dog Ruby. I'm tempted to name all consecutive dogs Ruby. With that confession, I illustrate how badly I need help. We need help.

To solve that problem, we ran a naming contest (with the permission of the introducer, of course). Out of a list of 34 names, Mike Dirr chose Riveting Rosie.

You'll see a few of the names below and on our Facebook page, but most of them were submitted as a "reply to" our email about the contest.

Thank you everyone for making this so much fun for us. Seriously, every reply was a thrill for us. We loved hearing from you.

Special thanks to Stefan Lura for Riveting Rosie. Stefan won a $29 gift certificate for the plant of his choice. Since he had already purchased this magnolia hybrid before it had a name, he chose Viburnum rafinesquianum 'Louise's Sunbeam'.

Happy Riveting Rosie Gardening,

Hillary & Mike




Here are a few quick ideas:

Riveting Rosie

Pink Kimono

…or, if you’re really daring, how about Pepto-Magnol? (just kidding, really!)

Whatever name you end up liking, if it’s to be a cultivar epithet and not just a selling name (trademark), you’ll want to check it against the list of requirements of the international cultivar registration authority for magnolias ( Hopefully the breeder will consider registering the cultivar name with them as well, which will also ensure that the name is fully vetted.

Bill Petritz
How about “pinkie delight”?

Carolyn Kennedy
Let’s name it “Parfait” as it reminds me a pink parfait my aunt used to serve for desserts decades ago.

Or maybe you can name it “rosy saucers “ since the flowers remind me of pink saucers and the rosy part is for the blend of pink

Well I think the name should be “Cutie Rosado “ rosado means pink and cute is what the magnolia is so cutie rosado will work or

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