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Sale New Tree Diaper soaker irrigation around a tree

TreeDiaper Watering System

Next available Monday or Tuesday

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We use these in our own garden on our newly-planted shrubs and trees to water them through their first spring and summer. They are the best of this type of product we've ever used. Hands down.

Why We Love TreeDiapers:

  • The slow delivery of water means no runoff and no water waste. The water in these doughnut-shaped pouches is delivered directly to the roots.
  • A secondary result is they eliminate weeds where they are laying;
  • They are low-profile and easy to cover with mulch so they are hidden;
  • The low profile means they work under a variety of plants - under both low-branched, multi-stemmed shrubs and trees with a single leader;
  • They keep the trunks free and clear so no bark-feeding insects can take cover under them - TreeDiapers never touch the trunks;
  • Good price (I remember when 20 years ago similar products cost around $40);
  • They work! I tested several under native trees we planted in a field. Then the busy spring season arrived and I forgot about them for 2 weeks. I panicked, ran out there, and found a happy situation . . . properly watered new trees.

How-to Install & FAQ

It's a simple product, but we have a few pro tips and have answered frequently asked questions over in a blog post on How-to Install Tree Diapers.

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