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How to be a Good New Plant Parent

We order plants through the mail too. Here are the steps we take when the box of plants arrives and we recommend you do the same.

  1. Familiarize yourself with how we ship our Cutting Edge Plants.
  2. Retrieve your box as soon as you hear the UPS driver has delivered your plants.
  3. Take your box to a shady area, someplace where dirt can fly.
  4. Unbox, unpack, and inspect.
  5. WATER IMMEDIATELY - Give them several soakings that first day. Sometimes they get dried in shipping and we put them in an inch or two of standing water so they can soak up water from below. The longest we've ever done that is about a day.
  6. Place in full shade until they are perky again. In our experience, this has taken 1 to 5 days.
  7. Once they are perky again, gradually acclimate them to their new climate:
    • If full shade, you're all set, go ahead and plant it in the garden.
    • If full sun, we spend a few days gradually increasing light levels by moving them around as necessary. For instance, we may place them in morning sun and move to a shady spot for the afternoon.

If there's a problem, take notes/pictures and contact us within 14 days of arrival. Here's our Return Policy.

We want you to be a happy new plant parent, so contact us with any questions or concerns. Sometimes all it takes is a little new plant parent coaching - we're available for that if you reach out to us.