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How We Ship Our Cutting Edge Plants

We ship via UPS on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Plants are taken out of the pots and the root balls are wrapped in a compostable bag.


Good Rates

In truth, figuring out how to get good shipping rates has been harder in some ways than growing the plants! Certainly, more mysterious. We pledge that we'll get the best rates possible.

We guarantee our plants to arrive alive and in good condition. If there's a problem, please contact us a soon as possible and we'll send you a new plant(s) or issue a refund.


No Pots are Shipped

Here's what to expect when you open the box: A plant in a compostable bag.

There are several reasons why we don't ship in pots. The main reason is that we noticed there are a lot of empty black pots piled around in friends' gardens. Sadly, they could be reused and nurseries would if they could get them back, but practically speaking, their customers just don't bring them back. Maybe there should be a national campaign to bring pots back to nurseries, like the "fall is for planting" campaign of many years ago.

Anyway, we're going to reuse those pots. Recycling them this way will keep piles and piles off our local landfill and that's important to us.

If you do want plants shipped in pots, let us know and we will make that happen for you. All you need to do is ask.


Compostable Bags Wrap Each Root Ball

The compostable bags are a product we've been using for years to collect kitchen scraps in our kitchen compost pail. We throw the scraps and bag right in the composter and it all breaks down. You can do the same, but the bags will break down better in high heat composting systems (we use the Jora Composter and I can tell you that there is absolutely no scrap of those bags left).

Two nurseries we admire don't ship in pots. They wrap the root balls in plastic and we want to grow up to be just like them. Our twist is that we use the compostable bags to wrap the root ball instead of plastic bags.


Dose of Water

Of course, we water your plants the morning before they're shipped. We let them drain off some so that you're not opening a swampy box.


Adieu, Dear Plant

After the watering and compostable bag wrapping, we wrap the entire plant in kraft paper and carefully position in the box. At this point, it's time to say our fond farewells and send to their forever homes, yours!


When UPS Delivery is Completed

After UPS delivers your box, here are the first steps to take in being a Good New Plant Parent.


Thank you for your order!