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Return Policy

Our plants are guaranteed to be healthy when they leave our hands and they'll be true-to-type and properly named. 

They are guaranteed to be healthy for 14 days after arrival, provided you watered them immediately and continued to care for them. Generally, if there was a problem in transit, it shows up within only a few days, but we're extending it 14 days for extra leeway. Read on :)

We are gardeners and have ordered a lot of plants through the mail. A few times the plants we've ordered have arrive a little stressed out. I mention this to let you know that we've been in your shoes and want to work things out with you. We are mail order plant people - on both ends of the deal.

Some drying out during shipment is completely normal. Please do like we've done, with 100% success: water your plants until they perk up! Here are instructions on How to be a Good New Plant Parent.

Unpack your plants immediately. If there is a problem or concern, take notes and pictures so you can explain the problem to us. This information will help us correct problems and improve and will show us that something happened in transit.

We cannot refund your plant if you don't water it. Water is the number one important thing in a plant's life - it's even more important than sunshine (think about it, your plant just traveled 3 days in a box with no sunshine, but it couldn't have made it if its roots weren't moist). Please study your plant's needs and take good care of it - planting it someplace where you will water it.

We carefully package our plants, but cannot refund a plant if it has a broken branch because a broken branch will grow back just fine, in fact the "pruning" will likely make a fatter plant. Cut it off, all the way back to just above the next leaf. Another branch will grow from the bud that is on the stem, nestled in the crook of the leaf.

However, a broken central leader (a.k.a., the main trunk) will not grow back, so we'll work that out to your satisfaction. Generally, we refund the plant if the central leader is broken rather than ship a new one, but we will ship a new one when available. Send us a picture of the damage, please. 

We cannot refund your plant if you decide you don't want it anymore. We have been contacted about this and we're simply too small to subsidize "buyer's remorse." Please plant it and enjoy it.

About the Size of Our Plants

We grow 1-gallon plants and ship plants that are well rooted. 1 gallons have nice rootballs and when planted, your plant will "take off" with growth, if you fertilize and water it properly.

Sometimes we'll have pruned back a plant a few days or weeks before you order it. We are constantly pruning to make plants with the best possible structure before they become yours. Thoughtfully-pruned plants mean more flowers next year.

We try our best to make note of recent pruning under each plant description.

We will be happy to take a picture of the plants you're interested in and text/email you a picture before you purchase. Just let us know.

If a plant is smaller than you expected, please rest assured that we sell types that are "doers." It will grow! In fact, it will establish better and quicker because it's not supporting a huge leaf load. This is a horticultural fact: the bigger the plant, the longer it takes to establish in its new situation.

Practice Good Horticulture

In general, please study the needs of your plant and give it the care required for each unique species. Does it require shade or sun? Make sure you plant it where it will get the sunlight it needs (or doesn't need). Same goes for soil pH.

Again, we really want to work things out with you and the craziest things do happen in the mail, so please contact us with your concerns within 14 days of plant arrival. In our experience, it's clear within a few days (and extra clear within 2 weeks) if there were difficulties in transit and the plant is not doing well.