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Sale coppertone distylium leaves

Distylium Coppertone™

Next available Monday or Tuesday

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Evergreen shrub

Coppertone Distylium's new growth is copper on the youngest leaves. The new growth is quite natty, as you can see in the pictures, but we adore the blue-green mature leaves.

This is a great boxwood substitute, even though the foliage is more blue than on boxwoods. Coppertone looks great up against homes - the leaf color is enhanced when placed next to brick construction and buildings of many colors (white, gray, green, and yellow are the ones we've seen).

Coppertone is a tough evergreen shrub (all Distyliums are) that brings reliability and showy new growth to the garden pallet. It looks good as a low hedge, in a straight or staggered line, or even just one placed on it's own surrounded by perennials and other shrubs.

Distyliums have small, red flowers, that you may or may not notice. The flowers neither add nor detract. They are simply biology taking place in your shrubbery, not trying to impress.

I'm told that Coppertone is a little more cold hardy than Cinnamon Girl Distylium. We have Cinnamon Girl liners (finally!) and will know for ourselves after next winter. We'll report back.

Interestingly, Chinese parrotia tree, Parrotia subaequalis, is related and in the same plant family.

Coppertone is one of three First Editions® Distyliums that we proudly grow.

  • copper-burgundy new growth
  • truly versatile to all soil types (rich or lean, moist or dry, acid/alkaline)
  • boxwood replacement
  • heat tolerant
  • drought tolerant once established
  • colorful new growth
Common Name
Coppertone Distylium
Other Names
USDA Hardiness Zones
Growth Rate
Flower Color
Showy Flower?
Flower Season
Leaf Colors
  • Winter: dark green
  • Spring: red
  • Summer: dark green
Fall Leaf Color Quality
evergreen and holds dark green color well in the cold, doesn't bronze
Native to USA?
Native To
Soil Moisture Requirements
adaptable, moist, average, dry
Soil pH Requirements
acid to neutral
Light Requirements
full sun, part shade
To Make It Thrive
Give it a warm, mild climate, but otherwise it's so well-adjusted that as long as you don't drive over it, it will be fine.
Plant Patent
It's March and the new growth is damaged, what happened?
Damage to new growth from spring frosts is called "burning." To prevent frost nipping the new growth that comes out early in warm spells during spring, folks throw old sheets, blankets, or burlap over their distyliums when they notice new growth and the thermometer dropping below 32 degrees. Likely only the new growth will get nipped and the plant will grow back just fine and you'll never even notice something happened.

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