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Sale willow leaf sunflower flower picture

Helianthus salicifolius 'Table Mountain' (willow-leaved sunflower)

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We like Table Mountain willow-leaved sunflower because it's significantly more compact (1-2' tall) than the typical species (8' tall). This means you can actually see the flowers on Table Mountain because they're at knee-level rather than towering over you in the stratosphere.

The little yellow sunflowers are prolific!

The plant grows as a clump, with many stems, and it also slightly spreads to make sure claim of the area it's planted.

  • compact cultivar of a prairie plant that is shorter than the typical 8' tall willow-leaved sunflower
  • flowers in late summer or early fall when other plants are looking bedraggled or have completed flowering - fills a flower gap
  • cut flower
  • pollinator plant
  • bird food
  • deer resistant
  • drought tolerant
Common Name
Table Mountain sunflower, perennial sunflower, willow-leaved sunflower
Other Names
USDA Hardiness Zones
herbaceous perennial
Growth Rate
Flower Color
Showy Flower?
Flower Season
late summer, fall
Leaf Colors
  • Spring: green
  • Summer: dark green
Fall Leaf Color Quality
Native to USA?
Native To
Prairies of Central US
Soil Moisture Requirements
dry, average garden, well-drained (no standing water)
Soil pH Requirements
acid, neutral, alkaline
Light Requirements
shade, part shade, full sun
To Make It Thrive
Give it full sun because in even partial shade it will flop due to flower weight. If it gets shade, you can stake the flowers to keep them from flopping over. We found it likes drier soils than many of our other plants (it's a prairie species after all). Use drip irrigation (if any after its establishment phase) to keep water off the leaves (this will help prevent mildew from forming in late summer).
Plant Patent
Sunflower you say, is this really a sunflower?
Yes! Helianthus annua is the bodacious yellow sphere we love in our gardens, snacks, and bird feeders. Table Mountain is a perennial sunflower, meaning it will come back every year, if it's happy, whereas the snack species is an annual. Both are Helianthus species. This one has much smaller flowers.

Is this the species that grows so tall, to 8?
Yes, this is that species, but 'Table Mountain' is a confirmed dwarf or compact version and doesn't get more than 2' tall when grown in full sun. In shade it may get leggy and grow a little taller.

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