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Sale New Illicium parviflorum BananAppeal® (yellow anise tree)

Illicium parviflorum BananAppeal® (yellow anise tree)

Next available Monday or Tuesday

Unavailable Available Only few left Out of Stock Pre-order
Evergreen shrub

We explained under the FLA Sunshine type why yellow-leaved anise-trees are important denizens for a garden, so we won't go into that here.

What we want you to know about BananAppeal is that it's half the size as others, forming a 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide, round shrub. So this one has a different shape, being a lower mound, rather than an upright-oval form.

Plus, the leaves don't bleach in winter sun. That's a helpful difference because it allows you more flexibility in where you plant it - you don't have to plant it in full shade.

Small anise-tree likes wet soils, but is more drought tolerant than the related species Illicium floridanum, a.k.a. Florida anise.

Anise trees are great for a shadowy, wet corner of your garden and, due to its ability to hold the yellow color in winter, BananAppeal can tolerate winter sunlight better than FLA Sunshine.

Thank you First Editions® for another terrific shrub.

  • winter interest (bright leaf color)
  • evergreen screening shrub
  • deer resistant
  • large screening shrub
  • spreads by suckers and densely colonizes an area
  • great for planting in low-lying wet areas in the shade
  • heat tolerant
fragrant leaves, deer resistant
Common Name
small anise-tree, Ocala yellow-star
Other Names
USDA Hardiness Zones
Growth Rate
Flower Color
Showy Flower?
Flower Season
Leaf Colors
  • Winter: yellow
  • Spring: yellow
  • Summer: yellow
  • Fall: yellow
Fall Leaf Color Quality
evergreen and maintains pretty color in the cold
Native to USA?
Native To
Georgia, Florida
Soil Moisture Requirements
moist, wet
Soil pH Requirements
acid to neutral
Light Requirements
full shade, morning sun only
To Make It Thrive
plenty of water and shade
Plant Patent
'PIIIP-I' PP28,887
Do the flowers have an ordor?
No, there is no stinky fish odor from the flowers of small anise-tree.

Are the seeds edible?
They are not edible, that's a different species: Illicium verum, star anise.

Do the leaves have a scent?
Yes, they smell like anise when crushed. It smells great! Even though it smells like a spice, the leaves aren't edible. Also, the deer don't like the strong anise smell, so they don't eat this plant. A deer has not told me this personally, but the conventional gardening wisdom is that deer don't like the leaves becuase they don't like strong-smelling plants.

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