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Sale Vitex agnus-castus Delta Blues™ (chastetree)

Vitex agnus-castus Delta Blues™ (chastetree)

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The finer leaf texture and more controlled size (it's less leggy than the species, but is still not puny at 8-10' tall) make Delta Blues chastetree an attractive big shrub, but when it flowers, goodness!

It's loaded with blue flower cones for a long time during some of the toughest months of the year - the blahs of late summer (though I'm sorry, I can't commit to whether the flowers are blue or lavender - it shifts on me).

Flowering starts during the oppressive hum-drum of late summer time and last through the pick-me-up of early fall (September in Zone 8a).

Same goes for committing to leaf color - is it light green or light gray-green (won't you let us know in a review?)?

Maybe these hard to pin down traits make it so very interesting in the shrub border - it changes by time of day, like the forest outside my office window.

Delta Blues chastetree is a First Editions® plant developed in Georgia; this one by Matt Dirr.

A related type is Vitex Flip Side.

  • Vitex agnus-castus Delta Blues is a mid to back of the border pollinator plant with blue flowers and fine leaf texture - can you name another shrub with blue flowers and fine texture to fill the back or your border?
  • the fine leaf texture contrasts nicely with the broad leaf texture of other shrubs
  • coupled with that fine texture, the light green (maybe slight gray-green color) leaf color gives leaf variety to the plant pallet
  • long flowering period: summer/late summer into early fall
  • climate challenges: drought tolerant once established
  • fragrant flowers
  • fragrant leaves
  • pollinator plant
  • deer resistant
  • drought tolerant
  • heat tolerant
  • salt tolerant
  • leaf texture
  • interesting for designers
Common Name
Delta Blue chastetree
Other Names
USDA Hardiness Zones
flowering shrub, deciduous
Growth Rate
Flower Color
blue, lavender
Showy Flower?
Flower Season
summer, fall
Leaf Colors
  • Spring: light green
  • Summer: light green
Fall Leaf Color Quality
Ornamental Bark?
Bark Feature
long cracking blocks, gray
Native to USA?
Native To
Asia, Mediterranean
Soil Moisture Requirements
average garden, moist-but-draining, dry, no standing water
Soil pH Requirements
acid, neutral, alkaline
Light Requirements
full sun, part shade
To Make It Thrive
Give it full sun and a warm climate.
Plant Patent
'PIIVAC-1' PP25,914
Is this cold hardy in zone 6?
Yes it's root hardy, but the branches may not be hardy. It will likely behave more like a perennial that dies to the ground and grows back 3-4' during the summer.

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