15 Best Vine with Purple Flowers

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Vine is a plant with thin stems that can spread and climb on neighboring walls, rocks, trees, and fences both vertically and horizontally. Vines are a great addition to outdoor decor.

There are many types of vines, they vary in color, growing habits, and flower types. In this article, we will discuss 15 vines with purple flowers you will fall in love with at first sight.

1. Wisteria Vine

Wisteria VineWisteria is one of the best vine plants. It has an amazing smell and during the flowering period, it is one of the most beautiful plants in gardens that bloom from mid to late spring.

The shade varies from light lilac to dark purple. Wisteria loves sunshine and warmth.

To grow a healthy wisteria you will need to provide it with rich soil and prune it often. It does not need much fertilization, because as a vine it grows actively on its own. You can plant this plant in a place where it can have a strong vertical surface for growth. And at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

2. Purple Clematis Vine

Purple Clematis VineClematis is a very active vine with strong climbing skills. It is often called the “queen of climbers”.

It can be found in different colors, however, we think violet is the most vibrant and beautiful. If you have decided to plant purple clematis, carefully choose the location.

Clematis loves sunny places and moist but well-draining soil. It may have a tendency to form a bush. But mainly it will climb on a vertical surface. If you notice that your clematis is creating a bush, just give it the right direction.

3. Purple Queen Bougainvillea

Purple Queen BougainvilleaBougainvillea is a very famous vine in different varieties and colors, however, we think that Purple Queen Bougainvillea is the best one of the type.

This evergreen, tropical plant is an amazing addition to any garden.

This vine loves the sun and is resistant to pests. You can enjoy the beautiful flowers of “Purple Queen” from summer to autumn. Bougainvillea can climb any surface or can grow as a type of bush. Professional gardeners prune the plant and give it various shapes.

4. Chocolate vine

Chocolate vine

Chocolate vine or Akebia Quinata is one of the best vines in violet colors. Although it is called ‘chocolate vine’, you can find this plant in purple and white colors in addition to brown. This plant blooms in April and has five-leaf flowers that are beautiful to a fault.

With this plant, you should be very careful because its growth habits are sometimes considered invasive. It has bad growing habits. But it’s very beautiful and has an amazing scent. Even though it can tolerate shady places, you should plant chocolate vine in a place with good sunlight.

5. Sweet Pea

Sweet PeaThis beautiful plant with lavender color and a memorable scent is a good choice if you are making a cottage-themed garden.

Sweet peas come from Italy and the Mediterranean region. They can get up to 8 feet in height.

Gardeners recommend planting this vine during winter. However, you can plant it in early spring as well. Sweet pea blooms in the early summer. They make very beautiful cut flowers. You can grow them on fences and give your garden the feel of 19th century England.

6. Moonflower (Ipomea Alba)


You can find Moonflower in white as well as in purple color. The flowers open in the late afternoon and “sleep” the rest of the time.

Moonflowers have a great smell and in colder places, they can be grown as annuals. Moonflower climbs vertically and does not require much ground space. This vine is highly adaptable and does not need much for successful growth.

Regular fertilization and watering help the plant to bloom early and be healthy. Moonflowers have large and heart-shaped leaves which make them especially attractive.

7. Snail Vine

Snail vines vary from white to lavender and purple shades. They have a curly shape that looks very much like a snail shell. True snail vine differs from similar versions with its unforgettable fragrant flowers. The flowers bloom from midsummer to early autumn.

Snail vines, unlike most other vine flowers, do not like too much direct sunlight. They prefer shadier and partially sunny places. Since the vine has beautiful leaves it is great to cover the fences.

Snail vine is a tropical plant. Thus, it loves water and needs regular hydration. It thrives in humid places with good drainage.

8. Snapdragon Vine

Snapdragon Vine

You might know this plant by its many different names including trailing snapdragon, vining snapdragon, or creeping snapdragon. This is another very nice vine with purple flowers.

We recommend planting snapdragons in early spring. This plant is a bit slow, but do not worry. It blooms for a very long time.

You can enjoy snapdragon’s trumpet-shaped beautiful flowers from May till September. The vines seem very tender, but they are actually very strong and can hold on to surfaces very well.

9. Morning Glory

Morning GloryMorning Glory will make your garden very attractive from early June till October.

This vine has an amazing smell and comes in vibrant shades. It can easily grow vertically on fences and walls.

Be aware that seeds of the Morning Glory are poisonous. Also, you should note that the good traits of this vine do not come without consequences.

Morning Glory needs good care and monitoring. It can grow quite tall in a small amount of time and it can be invasive. If you do not have time to take care of vines, this is not the type we could recommend.

10. Cup and Saucer Vine

Cup and Saucer Vine

Cobaea scandens or widely known as cup and saucer vine is a popular representative of climber or vine plants. This vine has violet bell-shaped flowers. The best part? The shape of the flowers is why this vine is also called Cathedral Bells.

We advise you to plant a cup and saucer vine in the winter indoors. Then, move it outside in early spring. It takes a while for this vine to start growing, so you will have to be patient.

At first, the vine has green flowers that transition into a dark purple. In the beginning, it will not deliver a very appealing smell. However, once it blooms you will not have to worry about this.

11. Blue Sky Vine

Blue Sky VineDespite the name, the color of this vine’s flower is more purple than blue.

To be precise, it is lilac. Blue sky vine is quite popular as an indoor plant, but it thrives outdoors. The plant produces big, purple-blueish, and bell-shaped flowers. Flowers have yellow to gold color in the center.

Blue Sky Vine blooms in the late summer. Beautiful leaves of the plant work as a great coverage for a fence or a wall. Blue Sky Vine enjoys sunlight but can be planted in shady places.

12. Hyacinth Bean Vine

The purple hyacinth bean is also known as Thomas Jefferson’s favorite vine.

It also has the name “Jefferson’s Bean”. In addition to its historical value, this plant can be a vibrant part of any garden.

This vine thrives under direct sunlight and is quite low maintenance. It grows vigorously. They need a strong surface to grow on. It is best if the wall or fence is between 10-15 ft tall. The vine can be planted directly outdoors during early spring.

13. Dutchman’s Pipe

Dutchman’s pipe is also known as pipevine. It can be a great choice if you are looking for a rare vine with a unique look. We suggest planting this vine in the spring because it flourishes in the summer with unique flowers in a deep purple to plum shade.

This plant is mostly appreciated for its leaves. Dutchman’s pipe is very easy to grow, you should provide room for its growth and healthy development. Water it regularly in the base and the plant should be just fine.

14. Passion Vine

You most definitely have heard of passion flowers. Passion vine comes from Mexico. This plant is grown in warmer climates. This is why passion vine cannot survive the winter in most places in the United States.

You can grow passion flowers near the fence or a wall, as a vine, it will easily climb on the vertical surface. Vines grow very quickly and they can reach up to 20 feet if given the opportunity.

You can grow passion flowers indoors. However, as a vine, it prefers living outside. Passionflowers love water and well-draining soil.

15. Purple Climbing Rose

Roses can create vines and they are great garden decorations. They can grow around walls, fences, and different structures.

Purple climbing roses are definitely worth your time and resources.

Growing a purple climbing rose needs a tone of investment, you have to be patient and you have to take good care of it. In the end, they have a nice smell and look amazing. However, for purple roses, you will need careful watering and rich soil.

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